Tech Area

To provide the best services for you, we utilize carefully selected hardware and software to power your network. Our recommendations have all been proven to work with the greatest of speed and reliability in your production environment:

Hardware   Operating Systems
Intel® Dual-Core Servers   Windows XP
Cisco® and Dell® routers, switches   Mac OSX
Hardware RAID - SCSI & SAS   Linux - Debian, Redhat Enterprise Linux
Enterprise security 802.11g wireless   OpenBSD - for secure Devices
Server Software   Server Software
Apache Web Server   Squid - Web Cache
Exim and Sendmail - SMTP Server   Dansguardian - Web Filtering
Symantec & ClamAV - Antivirus   CUPS - Print Server
MySQL Database Server   OpenVPN - Secure Remote Access
OpenBSD PF - packet filter   Samba - File Server / Domain Controller
Horde Application Framework   Spamassassin - Spam Filter
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